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The second category – “Fast fashion”producing companies neither accepts orders, nor prepayments. New collections are manufactured as the new selling season begins. New models are sewn and sold from garment makers’ warehouses every week throughout the season. These warehouses are located in commercial areas which are situated in different parts of Italy. The biggest commercial area with “Fast fashion”products has its warehouses based in Centegross, Bologna.

The minimum purchase amount for one customer in one warehouse is €500; some companies require €1,000 minimum purchase to be made. To protect the customer’s commercial interests and bolster sales, many Italian companies award exclusivity rights to their products, which allow those customers to be the only seller in their specific cities or countries.

The retailers in the fast fashion industry are able to meet the consumers’ demand with the capability of providing low cost offerings on a weekly basis, which induces the purchase intention of consumers from all income levels.

“Made to Order” Product